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Replica T rex heading to Museum

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The Black Hills Institute sells a number of replica of their Stan T rex specimen to museums and here are some images of one being put together.  Dialogue mostly by Pete Larsen.  This specimen will be hung and going into a very confined space.  No idea who is their client.

STAN is the largest, most complete, Tyrannosaurus rex, of the male (or gracile) morphotype, ever found.


Finished mounting the skull, Stan T.rex skeleton. It is, indeed, the nicest T.rex skull.



Finished the ribs, scapula, arms, and gastralia.





If you were swallowed by a T.rex, and made it nearly to the end of the alimentary canal, and had x-ray vision, this is the the view you would see just before becoming a coprolite :D





One of the common mistakes made by those of us who mount theropod dinosaur skeletons is to mount the scapula-coracoids as if they were the scapulae of mammals. This is the correct configuration.  Not only do articulated specimens verify this hypothesis, but (in non avian theropods) the furcula must articulate with the scapulae.






mounting the pelvis





Here’s how you fit a 20+ foot long tail in a 10 foot space!





Had to beef up the front post in the sacrum-ilia steel support, which will hold more than 60% of the total weight. Here you can see the supporting steel before we closed the mold and poured the polyurethane foaming resin.





This cast skeleton will be hung, so we needed to add a skyhook between Dorsal 1 and Cervical 10





Ilia and Dorsals



Here is the left side of Stan’s pelvis and left leg, laid out in preparation for mounting. This skeleton is going into a very tight spot that takes a lot of engineering to make everything fit and still provide a pleasing and anatomically correct pose.




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4 hours ago, LiamL said:

I want one for my garden!

you can have one, all you need is a mere 150,000 USD or so.  

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9 hours ago, LiamL said:

I want one for my garden!

I think @JohnBrewer has one in his back garden 

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