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Essex beach recharge finds

Anthony Gees

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Anthony Gees

Hi all, having some great finds along this part of the coast, I thought the beaches were getting picked over quite alot but the last three days 27,28,29.03.19 have been realy good, a real assortment of bone ie mammoth toe bone, teeth along with a mammoth partial tooth with root still intact, a first for me, and tusk, I really like the tusk part as its in really good condition, I take photoes of all my days finds so if any one would like to see more I would be pleased to share, thanks for looking.

regards to all, AJG


a118 29.03.19.jpg

a117 28.03.19.jpg

a116 27.03.19.jpg

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Tidgy's Dad

Nice finds, AJG :)

Cheers from


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