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Navarro County Creek, December 8th


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I made another trip yesterday morning to the Navarro County creek I visited a couple of times in the last few weeks. I had found everything I brought home last time on gravel bars, but ran out of time, and never got to search some good looking gravel bars downstream. Those gravel bars are actually a shorter hike than the ones I found fossils on, so I've been wanting to come back. I ended up being very disappointed in those new gravel bars. I found nothing. I finally hiked on up the creek to the gravel bars where I'd found stuff last trip, and hunted them again.


The day didn't produce a lot. Most teeth were just broken pieces. Here is what I brought home.


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I so rarely find complete, or amost complete ammonites, so it seems ironic that in this creek, where all the teeth are broken into pieces, I find this guy.



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And then there's this. Here are three views. That's a Tic Tac I used to prop it up in the first photo. The last photo is a view of the back side. It kind of looks like a piece of jaw bone with two teeth, one of them very tiny, on it. Does anyone recognize it? Enchodus, maybe?









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