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Assistance in north florida


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Hi All,


I am not looking for anyone's special spots or anything but could anyone help point me towards legal areas to hunt anywhere within 2 hours or so of Ocala?


I do understand how sensitive spots can be so I want to be clear I'm not look for directions to your favorite holes. 


I will not dig banks or anything and will leave any areas better than I find them. 


I do have a fossil permit, sifter and kayak if that helps. 


Everytime I find information about potential rivers or streams that sounds promising I find other information that says you can't hunt there. It is ok because I like doing research but I was hoping to find somewhere my girlfriend and I can go this weekend while it's nice and warm. 


I primarily want to find shark teeth and  megafauna fossils. I have pretty minimal experience and I am trying to learn as I go. I have done peace river and Venice beach so far as well as yankeetown.  I can't wait to camp on the peace river again but I don't think I can put together a trip down there at the last second. 



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