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Help With Hell Creek Theropod Bone


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I’ve been going through some material that I collected this Summer in the Hell Creek of Southeastern Montana.

I have this little theropod bone (measures approximately 14 centimeters).

It is missing one end and has a little damage to the other.

The bone is covered in a layer of siderite.

I know that it is not much to go off of but am hoping someone might have an idea what it is.

I can provide additional pictures if needed.










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Did not even realize it was a bone until I looked at the broken end.   I cannot see anything diagnostic to say what it belongs to.   Why do you think its Theropod?

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Mainly going off of the shape and that it is very thin walled.

I had considered croc but it does not match up well to other material that I have.

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Thanks for the pictures.

I can definitely see some similarities.

I will post more pictures once I get it cleaned.

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