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Does anybody know what species this is?


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No further information on this?  Provenance? 




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1 hour ago, Fossildude19 said:

No further information on this?  Provenance? 



They only said it was from morocco. I can ask for more information!

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Pseudomegalaspis is not recorded from Morocco, however, Fortey & Owens 1987 reclassified Plesiomegalaspis as a junior subjective synonym of Asaphellus Callaway 1877.  Fortey 1975 reclassified Lannacus as a j.s.s. of Megalaspides, stating that the slight differences are within the range of variation and did not warrant a subgeneric rank for Lannacus.


Fortey, R.A. 1975
The Ordovician Trilobites of Spitsbergen. II. Asaphidae, Nileidae, Raphiophoridae and Telephinidae of the Valhallfonna Formation. 
Norsk Polarinstitutt Skrifter, 162:1-207  PDF LINK


Fortey, R.A., Owens, R.M. 1987
The Arenig Series in South Wales.
Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History), Geology Series, 41(3):69-307  PDF LINK

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