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Coral from Alaska


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I purchased this from a store in Alaska. I have no information about it at all. It looks similar to what I'm seeing online about Stingray Coral, but I can't find out anything about what that actually is. Does anyone have any idea what this might be?






IMG_3575 2.jpg

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Stingray Coral is a new term for me but it's obviously just a commercial name and could well apply to different genera with similar preservation. Some sites say it's 400my (so Devonian) and online gem dealer's photos do show rugose corals that could match that.


Anyway, yours is a Palaeozoic rugose coral but it's hard to narrow it down without a good provenance, unless someone can match it with material they've seen.

There's some nice budding going on there - the arc-shaped divisions around the outside of some of the corallites. :) 

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