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Small stubby tooth--crocodile?


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Any thoughts on this tooth?


It is 1cm long, from QingLong City,HeBei Province--northeast Hebei, which is Jehol Biota. I am wondering if it is a type of crocodile tooth?




china tooth.jpg

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Hard to say, really, without having seen comparable but well-established finds from the same biota. However, as this was a semi-aquatic environment, crocodile is certainly an option. Wikipedia doesn't report them having been found in these deposits, though. All the same, this tooth clearly doesn't come from either fish or dinosaur, nor does it look like a mammal-tooth to me... Marine reptiles are likewise out due to the type of environment concerned. So with the tooth having a slight bulge, to me it most resembles a crocodile tooth, although it would've been nice to compare against a specimen (preferably matrix free) that exhibits carinae, or at least shows the tooth's lingual morphology. But, overall, I think crocodile is likely correct. @caterpillar @Jesuslover340?

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