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Pterosaur Wyoming


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Found on internet an Pterosaur tooth from Albany County, Wyoming - USA, Morrison Formation.


What do you other people tink about it. Is it Pterosaur? And what about the species? It is named Pteranodon, but that cant be right.


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You may wish to ask for better, higher resolution photos at different angles. At present, this seems a bit blurry and in too much shadow to make out much diagnostic detail.

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Your sellers identification is that of a toothless Cretaceous pterosaur, typical...

Pterosaur material is not very common in the Morrison and the few described have teeth although none were found with the holotypes.

We do have a couple of images  that can be compared against but like Kane indicated we do need better closeup photos and an idea of size.   Looks like your specimen is a broken tip.


This is a possibility but as the illustration shows these have cutting edges, impossible to see in your photo.




A fang tooth.



Pterosaur material from the uppermost Jurassic of the uppermost Morrison Formation, Breakfast Bench Facies, Como Bluff, Wyoming, including a pterosaur with pneumatized femora

M. Mclain & R. Bakker 2018

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Good question its going to be hard to determine given the lack of comparative material. Maybe someone else has additional info. The ridges on the crown face is not consistent with those I posted. 

Whats the rationale behind seller calling it pterosaur?  Let him prove it with a technical journal.

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