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This little fellow ( ø 4.5cm.) won a couple of prizes here a few years back, so I figured it was time to duplicate him on paper. It's a complete male microconch specimen to the species called Stephanoceras and has its own name as a sub-species thereof: Normannites sp. The "ears", a characteristic which many male ammonites wear, are called lappets and there are a number of theories which try to explain their existence which I won't go into here.



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Greetings from the Lake of Constance. Roger


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Wow, thats a great bit of paleo-art!  Ive never seen that variety of ammo before.  The "ears" remind me of the old Roman soldier helmets.

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"There is no shortage of fossils. There is only a shortage of paleontologists to study them." - Larry Martin

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Very strong drawing love the ammonite too very cool. 

nice work pal.
Cheers Bobby 

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The drawing is excellent, and the fossil extraordinary !



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