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Back to the Peace River


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Got back to the Peace River Fl yesterday.  When I set off in the kayak at 0820 am it was breezy and a chilly 53* F.  The wetsuit was definitely needed if I was going to stand in the river all day. The water was crystal clear and with the sun out it made for a beautiful day.  I took some photos after the sun had risen enough to clear the overhanging trees and light up the water.





I got back to the gravel bed I have been working on my last few visits and found it undisturbed.  Its not off the beaten path and with the water so clear I had feared others might have noticed the gravel and started digging through it.  It wasn't long before I came up with what was enough to make my day - a nice dolphin tooth!




As usual I was getting many small shark teeth in every screen and this always keeps me encouraged as I dig for the next nice find.  On this day that turned out to be a nice Armadillo Osteoderm.  I was satisfied that if I found nothing more than small shark teeth for the rest of the day it was a great day on the river.  But, alas, it was not to be.  A little later a horse molar came up, then a dolphin periotic, followed by a camelid tooth.  After a lunch break and a chance to warm up in the sun I got back to digging and came up with a tapir tooth crown, another horse molar, several turtle and tortoise leg spurs, four large chunks of giant tortoise shell, a small armadillo osteoderm, a large chunk of a limb bone, a cetacean vert, what may be a piece of tusk or horn, a possible astragalus and a couple of unknowns I will be trying to ID.


Some photos of the overall finds:








And some close ups:


Camelid tooth






Dolphin periotic-






Tapir tooth crown:




Cetacean Vert:





The possible astragalus - if anyone thinks otherwise or can offer an ID as to species please chime in.  The ruler is showing mm.











A good and satisfying days work that left me tired, sore and happy I have the chance to do this as often as I like!  

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Fantastic !!! Jim,

Love to see the success.  and definitely love the clear,  in the 1st time in 5 years, they have stopped flushing lake water into the Peace.

For discussion of the marine earbone, you should see this thread.





I think that this is a tridatyl astragalus at 26 x 32 mm. looks a lot like yours... RARE find for the Peace




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The White Queen  ".... in her youth she could believe "six impossible things before breakfast"

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Thanks For the responses and comments.

Jack- thanks for the info, photos and ID! Hoping to get back out tomorrow to take advantage of the clean water before the rain moves in Sunday.

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@Shellseeker Jack- I also found a partial calcaneum that I thought might be from a three toed horse based on size. My first thought on it was deer but it is too small. I’ll post pictures and measurements later today. Out on a photo shoot right now.

 Thanks again for your help!


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Thanks to all for the comments and responses. Today’s planned visit had to be postponed due to two flat tires my Jeep suffered on the way to get gas last night.

Still have no idea what I ran over!

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