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Texas Claw/tooth find


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Found this guy down on the gravel hills above my section of the Guadalupe river bottom.  South of the confluence or the San Marcos and Guadalupe and north of Victoria.


After rains the leaves and top soil washes down and reveals pretty good gravel.  Only ever found this as a fossil.  But we have arrow heads and indian artifacts as well.


Trying to determine if it's a claw or tooth.  Mammal or Reptile and any age.


Not going to sell or value just inquiring.


Hershey's kiss for size reference.














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Welcome to TFF from Austria!


This looks like a rudist internal mold.


15 minutes ago, Warpig said:

Hershey's kiss for size reference.

LOL!! Don´t know, what it is, but looks sweet :D. Better to give size in cm or even inches, though ;).


Franz Bernhard

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I agree with Franz.

Rudist internal mold

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From another Texan, I agree with my international friends.  ;)

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The human mind has the ability to believe anything is true.  -  JJ

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You are funny guy!! Thanks for the measurements!


35 minutes ago, Warpig said:

I thought kisses where international?

For sure, but not Hershey's :heartylaugh:.


Franz Bernhard

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