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Leaf fossils identification


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I'm looking for help in identifying some leaf fossils/impressions I found in the Fort Union formation in Montana. Most were found in S.E Montana. There are many different kinds. Can someone help me identify them? Can someone give me a good point of contact for someone? Here are several examples. Tia.



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It's been a while since I've dealt with these Fort Union plants but I suspect leaf #2 to be Corylus insignis. The serrations (which in my experience are very variable as seen below) in conjunction with the primary and secondary venation seem to match. It's a common leaf in the Fort Union of North Dakota.




I've attached Roland Brown's significant publication on the Paleocene Flora of the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains which I have used extensively for Fort Union plants in the past. Although there have been some taxonomic revisions and occasional new discoveries since it was published it is still practically comprehensive. You may find your other leaf in it.


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