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Dimetrodon vert?


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Hey guys, just saw this dimetrodon vertebrae for sale. Not really familiar with reptilian material and tried checking in the forum for similar threads for reference but cant seem to find one I could use. Also tried looking fkr similar ones for sale online but just not really familiar with reptilian material to positively ID mine. Was hoping if you guys may be able to help me with this one though and if it was possible to ID them to a species level? Cheers! 


PS. Currently asking for more specific locality but atm, all I have is that it is from Texas. 











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Oh nice thank you so much for that! and for the image @TyrannosaurusRex


If I may ask, are there any diagnostic features that would positively ID mine as a Dimetrodon vert instead of a different animal? Im trying to use the photo you gave but cant really seem to find a feature? And based on your photo as well, does mine seem to be more worn out in comparison?



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Much more worn out, yes. The concavity of the centrum is characteristic of a Dimetrodon vertebra.  Color wise, if it’s from Texas, I’d expect this came from Baylor or Archer counties. Other synapsids such as Edaphosaur have more elongated vertebra, while Dimetrodon was more compressed. This is the part of the vertebra that you have. It’s common for their vertebra to be broken in the way yours is. I myself have one that is very similar.  F901B68D-B2CF-46A4-BE90-B6798E402FF6.jpeg.2d35d74f5f4c15cdbfed2099bb04085b.jpeg

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