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'Asteropyghe' and 'Rhenops' from the early Devonian of Bundenbach


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I am a bit confused and have no idea about trilobites. 
I know these two trilobites from the Devonian (Emsian) of Bundenbach under the name 'Asteropyghe' and 'Rhenops cf. anserinus'. Is it the same species? Both are unfortunately only visible from the ventral side and both pictures are exactly vertical from above. Is the second trilobite just a bit compressed or is the body shape really different? At least the name Asteropyghe seems not to be valid.



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  • oilshale changed the title to 'Asteropyge' and 'Rhenops' from the early Devonian of Bundenbach

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   VFOTM.png.f1b09c78bf88298b009b0da14ef44cf0.png    VFOTM  --- APRIL - 2015       MOTM.png.61350469b02f439fd4d5d77c2c69da85.png      PaleoPartner.png.30c01982e09b0cc0b7d9d6a7a21f56c6.png.a600039856933851eeea617ca3f2d15f.png     Postmaster1.jpg.900efa599049929531fa81981f028e24.jpg        IPFOTM -- MAY - 2024   IPFOTM5.png.fb4f2a268e315c58c5980ed865b39e1f.png

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Rhenops anserinus ”, or “Rh. cf. anserinus ”, as suggested by some authors for Hunsrück finds having knots on axial segments mesially surely do not match because such knots are absent in typical Rh. anserinus. That is why Basse (2003: Pl. 10, figs 157–158) named related finds Rh. sp. n. H. In Rh.? index those knots are present, but this species is only documented by pygidia. Summed up, all Rhenops from the Hunsrück Slate should be treated in open nomenclature until a revision based on well-preserved specimen is available.


There is no systematic value at all for ventral features as figured herein. Those finds can only be assigned generically. The length of the librigenal spines – they are about as long as the cephalon – and the equally short, often clumsy-looking lateral spines of the pygidium are indicative. Consequently, Rhenops sp. figured herein does not contribute to this assignment problem. The real meaning of the find lies elsewhere.


Basse, M. 2022
Rhenops Richter & Richter Ventrally (Asteropyginae, Phacopina) – Rhenops in the Early Devonian Hunsrück Slate.
The Trilobite Papers, 25:26-29  PDF LINK

Basse, M. 2003
Eifel-Trilobiten. 2. Phacopida 1. Cheiruriden, Acasten, Asteropygen.
[Eifel-Trilobites. 2. Phacopida 1. Cheirurids, Acastids, Asteropyginids.]
Goldschneck-Verlag, 198 pp.

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  • oilshale changed the title to 'Asteropyghe' and 'Rhenops' from the early Devonian of Bundenbach

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