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New mosasaur species named from the Pierre Shale of North Dakota: Jormungandr walhallaensis


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A new mosasaur, related to the genus Clidastes, has been described from the Middle Campanian Pembina Member of the Pierre Shale Formation of North Dakota near the town of Walhalla and has been given the undeniably cool name of Jormungandr walhallaensis, after the world serpent of Norse mythology!


Zietlow, Boyd and Van Vranken, 2023. Jormungandr walhallaensis: a new mosasaurine (Squamata: Mosasauroidae) from the Pierre Shale Formation (Pembina Member: Middle Campanian) of North Dakota.




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Frank Garcia's Tylosaur, Debby Sue from South Dakota, which is 47 feet long with a five-foot skull, will soon be studied and have a paper written on it.  Check out the video at the below link.  This specimen is likely a new species.




Marco Sr.

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