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Mosasaur Tooth Identification - Navesink Formation (Monmouth County, NJ)


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Hi All,

Last week I found this Mosasaur tooth in one of the Brooks in Monmouth County, NJ (Navesink Formation - Late Cretaceous).


While in the brook, a guide from the Monmouth Museum was onsite leading a small group of college students. He identified the tooth as Halisaurus platyspondylus. Had a great conversation with the gentlemen as well, so a nice bonus.


Another, more experienced individual contacted me after I posted the tooth on a local FB group. He has several similar teeth, and while not completely disagreeing with Hailisaurus, suggested Prognathodon sp. may possibly be a better fit? It's debatable based on conversations he's had with other's more experienced than him.


In any case, I figured there must be several Mosasaur experts on here who may be able to weigh in on the subject.


Any opinions/discussion is appreciated. I'm still learning, so this is all helpful to me. Thanks in advance!















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I'd agree with the Prognathodon sp. identification. Reasons being that the tooth is both too oval in basal cross-section for a halisaurid, and the posterior carina too straight.

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On 11/15/2023 at 3:55 PM, Masonk said:

Thanks, Tim!


I'm going to take a guess that @frankh8147is the person who suggested Prognathodon sp. :D

Haha, guilty as charged! I did have a few caveats with my ID on that and will keep this tooth in mind.

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