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Hi! My family just returned from a vacation to the Riviera Maya near Playa del Carmen and we are curious if anyone could help ID this piece my 10yr old found while sifting in the surf. Apologies if it’s not a fossil at all, but it looks very different from any of the fossilized coral and shells we found. He has been calling it the “Claw” but hoping it is actually a shark tooth, but we do realize shark teeth seem to not be found much in that region. Internet searches have not helped me narrow down the possibilities, but those searches helped me find your forum. Regardless, we love this piece and we think it is an awesome find! Any ideas/help is appreciated! Thanks!







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7 minutes ago, Al Dente said:

Looks like the dactyl from a crab claw.

Thanks! I just searched this and found other pics that look like it! He’s super excited! Thank you!

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