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Ray Plate? Recent?


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Hello. I found this on the beach today. I’ve seen similar posts that make me think it may be part of some type of ray dental plate. But since it’s not very black, does that mean it’s not very old? Also, is there a way to know what type of Ray it could be from? Thanks so much! 



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Assuming it lives on your shores, I would say Aetobatus but there are several species today. Since it is very little damaged by the sea and sand, I think it is current.



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My PDF library 1 (Recent & fossil fishes and selachians) : here
My PDF library 2 (Alive animals - without fishes and selacians) : here
Recent selachian jaws : here
Heterodontic and selachians : here
Recent Selachian Eggcases : here
Recent fish otoliths ! here

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