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Is it possible to ID this trilobite to genus?


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I'm a very new fossil hunter. I found this lovely little trilobite head (at least, I'm 99% sure it's a trilobite!) in the area around Arkona, Ontario (Canada) this past summer, which to my knowledge is middle devonian. 


Problem is, it's only the head. I'm not sure if that's very helpful (I'm not even familiar with where to look for resources on IDing trilobites) so I figured I'd ask here.


If not to genus, I'd love to get it narrowed down as far as possible, and I'd also love to know what features support your ID! Trilobites are among my favourite extinct animals, I'd love to be able to ID the ones I find in future. Links to good resources on trilo ID are also appreciated, especially ones focusing on trilos found insouthern Ontario.


Scale is a centimeter ruler with millimeters. 


A view from above:



And from the side: 




Sorry if the formatting is weird, I'm posting from mobile.


Let me know if any more information is needed, and I'll do my best to provide it.


Thanks, all!


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Looks like an Eldredgeops sp.  Not sure what species.



@piranha  @Kane




Cropped and contrasted:









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It is a Eldredgeops milleri. 100% percent a trilobite.

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2 hours ago, Isotelus2883 said:

E. rana. E. milleri is not found in Ontario.



Eldredge 1972 synonymized Eldredgeops arkonensis with Eldredgeops milleri. The PhD thesis of Witte 2021 resurrects Eldredgeops arkonensis as a valid species, however, until it is formally published, Eldredgeops milleri remains on the faunal list in the Arkona Shale.




Eldredge, N. 1972
Systematics and Evolution of Phacops rana (Green, 1832) and Phacops iowensis (Delo, 1935) (Trilobita) from the Middle Devonian of North America.
American Museum of Natural History Bulletin, 147(2):49-113  PDF LINK


Stumm, E.C. 1953
Trilobites of the Devonian Traverse Group of Michigan.
Contributions from the Museum of Paleontology, University of Michigan, 10(6):101-157  PDF LINK


Stumm, E.C., Wright, J.D. 1958
Check List of Fossil Invertebrates Described from the Middle Devonian Rocks of the Thedford-Arkona Region of Southwestern Ontario.
Contributions from the Museum of Paleontology, University of Michigan, 14(7):81-132  PDF LINK

Witte, M.K. 2021
Trait Asymmetry and Development in the Middle Devonian Trilobite Genus Eldredgeops Struve 1992.
PhD Thesis, University of Chicago, 166 pp.  PDF LINK

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