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Scute? Well Yeah, But What Kind of Scute?


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My PDF library 1 (Recent & fossil fishes and selachians) : here
My PDF library 2 (Alive animals - without fishes and selacians) : here
Recent selachian jaws : here
Heterodontic and selachians : here
Recent Selachian Eggcases : here
Recent fish otoliths ! here

A Greg...


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The second one doesn't look like a scute to me.  Maybe @Shellseeker can ID the first one.

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image.png.e69a5608098eeb4cd7d1fc5feb4dad1e.png image.png.e6c66193c1b85b1b775526eb958f72df.png


My favorite things about fossil hunting: getting out of my own head, getting into nature and, if I’m lucky, finding some cool souvenirs.


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My take is similar.  To identify down to a genus, requires differentiating feature of Armadillo,  Glyptodon,  Turtle, Tortoise,  etc These 2 small examples seems to lack any of those features. 

Your 1st one might be any of those,  with a slight preference to turtle.  The 2nd might be an osteoderm. 

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