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a new friend came up


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Some days ago a new friend came up, a really really hugh and full covered ?Enchodus. Has around 44 cm, approx. 17". Rare and hard to get..., but I am happy to have one now

Hope to find the time to prep it in winter times



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4 hours ago, Ludwigia said:

Please keep us tuned in on that...

oh yes, I will do. Hope to start around christmas, have to finish two great other fishes before I start with this one...

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12 hours ago, jpc said:

Very nice.  How do you know it is Enchodus


I have seen a similar one (bit smaller) unprepped and prepped, looks the same. But, you are right, I will add a question mark till I finish prep 

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hope it will have the same quality than this small one (6 cm) has, 95% ready, final cleaning will be done next days



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I am sure you know it, you really do not have time but....,

I have not time at the moment, but to an hour to do some spots

incredible, looks like the best condition I have ever seen on Lebanon fishes...

Hope to find some days in Jan/Feb to go on... (s



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found some hours, project goes on

skull is from the bottom, I hoped it was from the top, but...

nevertheless, incredible condition

Frontpart has some teeth, I am curios how they will look at the sides. Thought for a day it will be Spaniodon, but I do not think so yet. Enchodus is (currently) my first choice 




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