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This is my megalodon tooth fossil.


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This is a Megalodon tooth that was added to my shark tooth collection. It measures 6.34 inches and was discovered on Java Island, Indonesia.








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Impressive Tooth.. Really nice serrations  Thanks for sharing.  I especially love the pathological ripple in your last photo!

The White Queen  ".... in her youth she could believe "six impossible things before breakfast"

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19 minutes ago, Shellseeker said:

인상적인 치아.. 정말 멋진 톱니 모양 공유해 주셔서 감사합니다. 특히 마지막 사진의 병리학적 파문이 정말 마음에 듭니다!

Thank you. I think the serrated teeth would be really nice too. 😁

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