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Dinosaur claw Niger - ID - Sauropod or Iguandontian?


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I bought a dinosaur claw from Niger. Locality is always a problem, but I am hoping to get an general label on this claw. So far I got two suggestions from my own network: it looks like a Sauropod claw or Iguanodontian. Most sauropod claws in my collection are 'flatter' (vertical) and more oval. This claw more round and flat (horizontal). The claw is 12 cm (long) and 5 cm  (high). Hope to get some more insights on this nice claw. Thanks!






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nice claw

The identification of the claws from Niger is really not easy..., lot of species around there, but really really not enough papers about

Reminds me to a foot claw of Ouranosaurus


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@rocket Thanks for the reply! Yeah, there isn't a lot of information on Niger claws. And the animals have different shaped claws on the different digits. Got some information on UK Iguanodon claws - it could be the same type but I am not sure.

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This is the additional information I got on Iguanodon (UK) - see the drawing (but I don't know if Ouranosaurus or Lurdusaurus is similar). The other pictures are my other two Iguandontian claws. The black one is likely a footclaw and the brown one a handclaw (Ouranosaurus?). 


20240201_202140 (1).jpg

20240201_202208 (1).jpg

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