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Fossil shells found today - SWFL


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Just wanted to share some of my findings today. Thanks to this site, I was able to ID them. 

check out my ID questions on that forum for the things I found and couldn’t ID 


thanks! IMG_6017.thumb.jpeg.8c74e68ac2b19d51d72998ae06bb747f.jpegIMG_6017.thumb.jpeg.8c74e68ac2b19d51d72998ae06bb747f.jpegIMG_6017.thumb.jpeg.8c74e68ac2b19d51d72998ae06bb747f.jpegIMG_6014.thumb.jpeg.7c10165695cf337face86e56652399c0.jpegIMG_6013.thumb.jpeg.7d89d86ee62d1fd218789ecf4b05cd45.jpegIMG_6012.thumb.jpeg.0fcf5232e3ca850515c91103762aa18d.jpegIMG_6009.thumb.jpeg.f907e06659fe41e3e92f679e3a417eeb.jpegIMG_6008.thumb.jpeg.4562fb3cb7a2d4a5c8e3443e0a01901e.jpegIMG_6007.thumb.jpeg.209e4dcd73ebc83988d7e695015ce35d.jpegIMG_6006.thumb.jpeg.e48b714cf64015270d967c8b8d20d028.jpegIMG_6005.thumb.jpeg.f6713770670808e1e8f5cb40c124ad0a.jpegIMG_6004.thumb.jpeg.fb80e111c41dbc6159de475b354c0b92.jpegIMG_6001.thumb.jpeg.9b6175a613d5bb2eb194be6da1f0408c.jpegIMG_5999.thumb.jpeg.cce4fba5a7b767fe061e0ea5fb670d8e.jpegIMG_5998.thumb.jpeg.ec08c4fefa1c00765a7d75675ed08f94.jpegIMG_5997.thumb.jpeg.7fe27f934fc59a7bf62bd356c53ee989.jpegIMG_5996.thumb.jpeg.a93df099416bff9179eab617596f0a53.jpegIMG_5992.thumb.jpeg.1f6a0e685c6a929bdb8cda35231f8d78.jpegIMG_5991.thumb.jpeg.86ab58c00cbb49361e872e2ee3ca7b01.jpegIMG_5990.thumb.jpeg.03e2b6913b8b416361c1b1c49f4ec63b.jpegIMG_5989.thumb.jpeg.ab5831b48d1e2d1ae2537606d42d93ea.jpegIMG_5988.thumb.jpeg.6fa81823d65e46aff8f49f3e932e5e50.jpegIMG_5987.thumb.jpeg.4f693373944508e31a50bd7b6e03d7ca.jpegIMG_5986.thumb.jpeg.5fe71484745fd0819bff45c296dd8211.jpegIMG_5985.thumb.jpeg.8cc48c2e3e682367a19e022f3653f95f.jpegIMG_5984.thumb.jpeg.ff1608d97cb5ec388933dac84fb2615c.jpegIMG_5983.thumb.jpeg.7e895e81724ee9d21ca2b14b267958df.jpegIMG_5982.thumb.jpeg.1d7ad9144b5133769a8bf6650698b263.jpegIMG_5981.thumb.jpeg.d223b63aaa37b10860add6d71b18f91b.jpegIMG_5980.thumb.jpeg.4d085941c1625baa936bbff90a9fe997.jpegIMG_5979.thumb.jpeg.d154730775f4ee53ee90023a64bba4da.jpeg



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Great finds  !!! I live in SW Florida and frequently enjoy access to these lovely shells..  

Here is a post from May of 2013

If you look closely ,  one of my finds seems very close to one of yours...


The White Queen  ".... in her youth she could believe "six impossible things before breakfast"

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@Shellseeker - Nice finds! Thanks for sharing! This is our first time “shelling” in SWFL. We live primarily in Alabama but also have a place in NWFL and have already frequented places along the panhandle, but finding fossils up there is few and far between. We’ve really only had luck on our Alabama beaches and still very little. 

So, it’s been nice to find these. We plan to spend the rest of the week on the hunt. I posted some on the Fossil ID forum that I found today and am not sure about. If you may know, I’d appreciate help with IDs. Also, any tips for searching? Also hoping to find a tooth or two while here. 

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21 minutes ago, jennifer. said:

Also, any tips for searching? Also hoping to find a tooth or two while here. 

South West Florida is the lower end of Bone Valley,  which stretches from Tampa to Fort Meyers. and eastward to Orlando. Fossilized white shells are all over the place, but usually 10 - 30 feet below the surface.  They are uncovered by natural phenomenon like Rivers and Streams  and by the construction tendencies of humans..  I have developed habits of noting piles of dirt and construction materials for roads, housing developments,  bridge repair,  etc, etc beyond the huge number of road cuts all over Florida.  

Any of the barrier islands will have beach area that collect huge numbers of shells ,  especially after storms.. Any place advertised to the public will have been picked over by swarms of humans.. I always try to go where the sounds of civilization are far, far away.


Good Hunting... 

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The White Queen  ".... in her youth she could believe "six impossible things before breakfast"

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