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Got a cool one for you guys: a decent sized scorpion in amber from Burma. Probably about 100 million years old. The most interesting part to me is the tail sort of curves down 90 degrees perpendicular to the body (you can see it in the last pic side view) and that kind of 3D preservation is rare in amber. Usually everything flattens out on a plane so this is neat. I'm excited!


The scorpion is about 1.5cm, and 2cm if you include the pincers. Whole piece is 4cm long heightwise.






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Very cool! I bet @Randyw would enjoy seeing this one. 

The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it.  -Neil deGrasse Tyson


Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't. -Bill Nye (The Science Guy)

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Nice piece!  I also agree with others, on that it is very nice to see a real scorpion in true amber.  The fakes on a certain auction website are overwhelming.





''...science is eminently perfectible, and that each theory has constantly to give way to a fresh one.''

-Journey to the Center of the Earth, Jules Verne



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That's a beauty.:)

Life's Good!

Tortoise Friend.


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Nice one! Always a plus to get one with both pincers and the tail completely encased in the amber. A lot of the time at least something gets polished away.

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