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A remarkable marine archosauromorph from the Middle Triassic of southwestern China


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Fossil reveals 240 million year-old dragon'

By Victoria Gill, BBC News, February 22, 2024


The open access paper is:


Spiekman, N.S.F., Wang, w., Zhao. L., Rieppell, O., Fraser, N.C, and Li, C., 2024,
Dinocephalosaurus orientalis Li, 2003: a remarkable marine archosauromorph from

the Middle Triassic of southwestern China. Earth and Environmental Science Journal

Transactions of The Royal Society of Edinburgh , First View Published online by

Cambridge University Press: 23 February 2024, pp. 1-33.


A related paper is:

Lu, Y.T. and Liu, J., 2023. A new tanystropheid (Diapsida: Archosauromorpha) from

the Middle Triassic of SW China and the biogeographical origin of Tanystropheidae.

Journal of Systematic Palaeontology, 21(1), p.2250778.


More related papers




Paul H.

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Let's see some pics ... or it didn't happen.


Oh yeah!





I can hardly wait for these to get into the market so I can have one, too. That certain auction site will be flooded with them. JK


Superb preservation and preparation with this specimen and those thin, nearly straight, neck cervical ribs are intriguing! 

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wow, that a fossil :CoolDance:

we have been offered some parts of chinese tanystrophids over the years but I have never seen more than a 20% complete skeleton

this is incredible

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I'm of the opinion this one will stay in China...Duplicates of it?...maybe / probably in the works already.  A 3D scanner could provide a printer with a decent mold easily. 

Next steps = Broken shale slab + glue +  Plaster + bone black ink + Morocco style prepping scrapes and scratches = Voila!  :zzzzscratchchin:   make some more.  :thumbsu:

The others I looked at were as you said. Part and bits.

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