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Great white purchase


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Hello I recently purchased these two teeth that were in a bin of South Carolina shark teeth. The seller believed they were tiger shark but I immediately knew that was incorrect. I was just wondering if could get your opinions. They are from South Carolina and I believe that are Miocene in age.  Thanks





1 inch



0.70 inch 




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First one is definitely Great White.  Second one might be a juvenile Great White, but see what Eric says.  

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image.png.e69a5608098eeb4cd7d1fc5feb4dad1e.png image.png.e6c66193c1b85b1b775526eb958f72df.png image.png.65903ff624a908a6c80f4d36d6ff8260.png


My favorite things about fossil hunting: getting out of my own head, getting into nature and, if I’m lucky, finding some cool souvenirs.

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10 hours ago, Danielb said:

I believe that are Miocene in age.

Late Miocene is possible but I think more likely Pliocene or younger.

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