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I collected some trilobites last year that I have now sent out for preparation. Most of the specimens I found were by splitting rock, resulting in some nice lengthwise cross sections but I also did find one ventral and one dorsal example as well.


I wanted to make a post here so I can share the before and after results. Will update this as time goes on, and pieces are finished. 


#1 ventral 




#2 dorsal






Did a small amount of cleaning on #2. Will let a professional do the rest of the bulk cleaning. 



#3 I gifted this specimen to a gifted preparator. It looks to be a complete, but small Calymenid.




#4 the largest Calymenid I split out. This should be a nice complete specimen.





#5 has 2 complete Calymenids, in three pieces of stone. The second specimen cannot be seen, but is underneath the split rock in the first image below. I suspect this one will be a tricky and difficult prep job if both are to be cleaned and seen.







#6 this Calymenid is small, complete, and somewhat enrolled.






#7 the specimen I am most excited about. This doesn't match the Calymenid cross sections shown above. Perhaps a Dalmanatid? I dont think a complete one has been collected here yet, so chances are pretty slim. :fingerscrossed:





That's all I've sent out for now. Many of these sections are very difficult to see without certain lighting and wetting, but I tried my best to showcase what I've been looking for in the rock. I look forward to sharing the results with all of you soon!

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