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Heartbreakers and Trip Makers Along the Calvert Cliffs


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I got back out to the Calvert Cliffs to do some more hunting yesterday, the low tide wasn’t till noon so I got to the beach around 9am to begin my search. I had more beach than I was expecting which was a pleasant surprise but the wind made the water a little choppy and murky.

With it being a weekday there was only one other person out on the beach walking ahead of me. I was careful not to walk in their footsteps, searching the spots they passed when I see a root poking out of the sand, I move the sand out of the way to unearth a beautiful 1.75” broad hastalis!A0F43056-09DB-4752-B51E-27C7F81AFF58.thumb.jpeg.233e41ca5f448bf952e839f8d51d0648.jpeg


A great start, I really didn’t need to find much else to make to the trip, and it was only the first find!

I continue on and eventually the person ahead of me decided to turn back, leaving me a lot of unsearched beach ahead. I found some nice hemis and a dolphin tooth, then I spot what I thought was a chunk of bone rolling in the wash. I pick it up to reveal the corner chunk of a massive megalodon, it looks like it would have been at least 4”.


Absolute heartbreaker, but it’s still neat to find and gets my hopes up for the future. Soon after my hopes were realized when I spot a gorgeous 2” megalodon/chubutensis wedged between some clay blocks, unmoved by the waves rolling over it.




At this point I was at the end of the beach and ready to begin my walk back, already very happy with my finds so far, and the waves were mixing everything up so I still had hope for another good find.

Not too long after turning around, I spot what looked like a large root of an odontocete tooth rolling in the wash, I scoop up and reveal what I believe a 1.8” squalodon tooth, unfortunately a good portion of the crown is broken off so I’m not sure.




While the break on the crown is heartbreaking it’s still an amazing find and I was quite ecstatic. The day wasn’t done yet though, before I got back to the truck I found a nice shark vertebra, and a little beat up meg/chub.

It was a great day out on the bay and even though I had some heartbreakers, I definitely had a couple trip makers!

Thanks for reading y’all, till next time.



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Thanks for sharing another round of great finds with us. I’ve been coming to look forward to your trip reports! :JC_doubleup:

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47 minutes ago, Andúril Flame of the West said:

Thanks for sharing another round of great finds with us. I’ve been coming to look forward to your trip reports! :JC_doubleup:

Thank you! I got a few more trips planned out before the weather gets warm, tides get higher, and work gets busier. Even still I might try to get out a few times over summer, but come April my trips slow down sadly.

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