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Pamela Irwin

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Hey guys!


I found these black beauties and am trying to identify them.  Any help appreciated! 









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Welcome to the Forum (as I missed out on your November welcome wagon). :) 

Location information is pretty vital for ID. A bit like real estate: location, location, location. :D 

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Well no arguments from me about adding the location. DUH! I am so sorry I forgot to mention that in my post!

I was rushing to post it as I received a call from my son who is currently in the hospital. I will make certain to add in future posts.


I am currently staying in Myrtle Beach S.C.

Until I have my house built in Southport N.C. Lived in Wrightsville Beach N.C.


For about 13 years excluding about 2 years living in Vieques Puerto Rico then Isle of palms Charleston S.C. Cannot see to tear myself away from the ocean!

I have such a strong love of the ocean and Mountains as well.


Anywaaaaay, I do believe I have now over shared on my location or plural rather locations 😂😂  


So, this past Aug. down by the 2nd ave. Pier a few blocks from where I am staying an 80,000 year old fossilized beach appeared, unearthing so many interesting artifacts. I will admit I’ve become a little addicted now to finding something everyday.

Most of the beachcombers are out souly seeking to find that, oh so coveted “ MEG TOOTH” while I too have a passion for them as well, I'm usually the only one out there scavenging all of the little, passed over, walked over, discarded     (If picked up) small, medium, large any piece of something that intrigues me.


Which, if I’m being honest, usually weights me down like an early 1900’s street peddler, with the long trench coat, peppered with pockets full of watches and or the latest ailment cure all! 😂🙈 except mine are packed with rocks, fossils and shells! Good lord I need help! 😳😛🐠🦈🐋🦕🌊  


Thanks for the reply and I apologize for the lengthy response.




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The one on the top right looks like a gompothere or mastodon tooth cusp.

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Nice finds,  Sizes would help especially length...

Your upper left is likely a shark tooth fragment from a larger shark,  possibly Megalodon



it could also be Auriculatus or Angustiden , which can be found in SC..

The White Queen  ".... in her youth she could believe "six impossible things before breakfast"

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Thanks for the reply’s. These are a little larger than quarter sized. 

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bottom piece reminds me of sea robin skull plates.

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22 minutes ago, debivort said:

bottom piece reminds me of sea robin skull plates.

I thought that, too, but wasn't confident. 

Fin Lover

image.png.e69a5608098eeb4cd7d1fc5feb4dad1e.png image.png.e6c66193c1b85b1b775526eb958f72df.png image.png.65903ff624a908a6c80f4d36d6ff8260.png


My favorite things about fossil hunting: getting out of my own head, getting into nature and, if I’m lucky, finding some cool souvenirs.

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