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Florissant Fossils Help


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I found a few in the last bit that I wasn't sure what they maybe. Wanted see if anyone know what they where or if any are good enough to keep.


#1 (wasn't sure thinking plant or moss)



#2 (seed???)



#2 (different angle/closer)



#3 (first half)



#3 (first half closer)



#3 (second half)






#4 (closer)


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Was trying again to find at least what #3 was and was searching around. But had a question to see if any could know of answer.


With the #3 closer view are the 2 dark circles in the area of the head the eyes? Would it then be insect with eyes on top from looks? Or are the netted looking parts to the sides of the dark circles the eyes? The netted looking part makes me think of fly eyes but not sure.

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in #3 we could be looking at 2 fossils.

The netted pattern is the screening pigment between the compound eyes of an insect. One the other hand the round circles could also be insect eyes. In the fossils from the Fur Formation were I collect we see this type of eyes in eg. beetles and lacewings. But never bout in the same fossil. 


2250xC-03d 15 .JPG

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Thank you for the info. Never did think of 2 fossils on top of another (near perfect on head area if so). After looking though thousands of insect photos, maybe that's what happened. The head area just would throw me off every time looked at.

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