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Fossils from Post Oak Creek and North Sulphur River in Texas


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Hello, everyone! Below are a few finds from the North Sulphur River and Post Oak Creek, and I’d love to get some help with identification. The ruler is in centimeters. 


1. This first picture includes two mammal teeth (top two)(fossilized or no?), ???, and a small bone that appears to be fossilized. these were found at Post Oak Creek. 


2. This bone was found at the North Sulphur River. 


3. Nautilus found at NSR. Could anyone help with identifying the species?


4. Jaw fragment? Found at NSR


5. Coprolite? It appears to have fragments of bone(?) in it. Found at NSR



6. I found this tooth at NSR a while back, but someone recently IDed it as Latoplatecarpus (mosasaur). I can’t find too much literature on Latoplatecarpus; could anyone give me more information on this tooth and the animal it comes from?


Thank you!

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 I have found a variety of Pleistocene mammal teeth in POC, so those incisors are probably Pleistocene. Probably the bone too.

Its actually an Ammonite rather than a nautiloid. Likely a Pachydiscus paulsoni. 


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