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Devonian Trilobites (Acanthopyge, Asteropyginae, Crotalocephalina, Gerastos, Metacantina, Paraljurus, Phacops, Proetus)


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Over the years I have found it difficult to pass up a nice trilobite.  Several were without identification or background information; I gambled that I would be able to identify these trilobites using information on the internet (images mostly).  I am attaching images of those that I believe to be Devonian trilobites.  I would most sincerely appreciate corrections and/or further species identification from those with more expertise.


The first image is of a trilobite that I acquired at an antique store in Alaska that was liquidating an estate with a private museum.  Through comparison with images on the internet, I have tentatively identified it as an Acanthopyge trilobite.




The second image is of a partially entrolled trilobite that I have preliminarily identified as an Asteropyginae trilobite (through images on the internet).



The third image is of a Crotocephalina gibbus trilobite from the Devonian in Alnif, Morocco.




The fourth image is of a Gerastos trilobite from the Devonian in Zguid, Morocco.




The fifth image is presumably a Metacantina trilobite from the Devonian in Morocco.




The sixth image is presumably a Paralejurus trilobite from the Devonian in Morocco.




The seventh image is presumably a Phacops trilobite from the Devonian.




The eighth and final image is of a Proetus granulosus trilobite from the Devonian in Morocco.




Any further information/discussion about these trilobites would be appreciated.


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@piranha should be able to help.

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The first one is very likely a fabrication. The seventh one is not a Phacops, but another Metacanthina.

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Gerastos granulosus is a popular name across the internet, but is not a valid species in Morocco. 


The most common Moroccan species is: Gerastos tuberculatus marocensis


Images 5 & 7 are HollardopsMetacanthina should have a pronounced anterior cephalic projection.

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Kane, Alas I fear you are right.  I examined the rear of the Acanthopyge and discovered that it scratches quite easily in a manner similar to a resin.  I harken back to my belated Father's advice: "Everyone gets flensed once in a while, just try to keep it to a minimum".  I wish to thank Darktooth, Kane and Piranha for their comments.  Nick

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