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Othniel C. Marsh

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I recently found this crocodile tooth from the Elrhaz Formation for sale, and I was wondering whether it would be possible to identify to a genus or species level. It would appear that the only crocodilians in the Tegama group that had teeth even remotely similar to the one shown below are Stolokrosuchus and Sarcosuchus. Though insofar as I can see Sarcosuchus had much more robust teeth than Stolokrosuchus, it would appear that there is much variation, so I thought it would be worth running it by the experts first.





Thanks in advance for any guidance

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I see. If I find anything definitive with regards to identifying these teeth to a genus level, I'll put it in a comment here.

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I have (finally) found an available paper on Sarcosuchus dentition, which can be found here. It appears to suggest that the anterior teeth (which is I believe what the above is) have slightly angled ridges along their length, a feature only seen in such teeth. Given that this tooth lacks these, it can quite safely be said that this is a Stolokrosuchus tooth.

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