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Peace river tooth ID


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This one has me stumped. It’s a friend’s find from Wauchula area of the river. ID, please and thanks! (I only have these three pics and no measurements - it was very small)03BD16E9-2DE0-4AB1-9247-7044633A1169.thumb.jpeg.8ee33d8dbd9c05bd18f9b186e271121b.jpeg6E7E2755-90CA-4CB5-B36F-CA66533AA63E.thumb.jpeg.b5cad340cac484d8fd0d16a847c3ef1e.jpeg5BC1F414-0B33-4DE6-944C-E2BF2AB7A04C.thumb.jpeg.8de415ee9fb94fa6884c837a74329913.jpeg

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It looks like a posterior tooth from an alligator.


Picture from Wikipedia.




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