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Not sure what this is


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This was just given to me today by someone who initially got it from someone else.

As such I don’t have the location where it was found but the guy who gave it to me said that the guy HE got it from thought it was possibly something like ‘weevil’ but that the guy wasn’t 100% sure what it is.

its tubelike with a slight bend, mostly hollow though one end is sealed off.

its kind of lightweight. Probably not helpful but it does have a funky smell to it that I can’t quite place and can’t figure out whether it’s ’hot metal’ or ‘beachy’.



All measurements in the photos are in cm



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This is a concretion,  or an infilled burrow.


Someone probably mistook this for a fossil weevil nest. 

That is not what it is, however.




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Yes I agree with you that it’s not a weevil  nest after looking that up but I’d never considered a burrow.

Just had a look at some examples of burrows which led me to worms which I also took a look at and now I’m wondering whether you think it could potentially even be a portion of some sort of tube worm?

images I’ve found of burrows seem to be more textured than this piece is whereas tube worm fossils as far as I’ve seen are a closer match appearance wise?

maybe serpula tube worm?

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