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Welcome to DIGITAL Fossil Preparation


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This is a Topic dedicated to DIGITAL FOSSIL PREPARATION. It is intended to be a repository/consolidation point for all topics concerning digital fossil preparation.

Technology has come a long way, and now, more frequently, is being used as a means of Fossil Preparation.
Getting a digitized scan of a fossil still in the matrix can be a game changing use of technology.


Please post any relevant links to previously posted topics concerning CAT Scans, X-rays, or Digital modelling/3D printing.


I'd like to personally thank  @Doctor Mud for proposing this idea.   :tiphat:

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Thanks @Fossildude19 for getting this up and running.


I'm thinking of how I will upload and share knowledge through this section. I'm think as a thread that documents things I learn with time or separate topics.

I know that @mamlambo is doing a lot of work in this space and might want to add what he has learned as well.


@mamlambo - I asked if we could have a section dedicated to digital prep on here. We have a lot of resources for physical prep, but no special section for digital prep.

Like physical prep, there is a lot to learn and many decisions to make about tools (hardware, software) methods (also software, but manual vs AI segmentation and filters).


Currently resources are scattered around the web and it would be nice to pool them together here. I've come across many great lectures, papers and workshops online that I'll share with time. As well as trialing different software and methods.


Edit: I see this is a topic, so I would post anything in here rather than starting a new thread or topic.

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Cool thread idea!  I find this use of ct scanning and the like for fossils very interesting.


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