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Hello world 
I came across a formation of teeth while traveling through Morocco. (South of Erfud) Can anyone tell me what it might be? My guess is, that the teeths belong to a platecarpus ptychodon.
Does anyone with more expertise agree?
Can I bring this back to Switzerland from Morocco? Thank you very much and best regards Ismael









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Not teeth - There is no enamel present.

This looks like a geologic formation called Cone-in Cone structures.

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   VFOTM.png.f1b09c78bf88298b009b0da14ef44cf0.png    VFOTM  --- APRIL - 2015       MOTM.png.61350469b02f439fd4d5d77c2c69da85.png      PaleoPartner.png.30c01982e09b0cc0b7d9d6a7a21f56c6.png.a600039856933851eeea617ca3f2d15f.png     Postmaster1.jpg.900efa599049929531fa81981f028e24.jpg        IPFOTM -- MAY - 2024   IPFOTM5.png.fb4f2a268e315c58c5980ed865b39e1f.png

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Welcome to the forum @Marokomael!


The number and uniform makeup of these uplifts indicate to me that they were formed by natural weathering or erosion. 


Teeth will have an enamel band around the outside edge of the tooth.  So in broken specimens, you can see a uniform band of material that makes up the outside of the tooth and then a completely different material that makes up the inside of the tooth. 


Here, there are broken edges present in several of these, and we can see that it's made of the same material throughout the piece.  


But this is a very neat formation, and I can see what drew you to it!

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