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Another ammonite id


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Hello all


A friend gave me this ammonite that was bound on a wire frame from hobby lobby and it came off and they gave me the ammonite. It is about 2 inches diameter.

Can anyone tell me the ID of it please

Thank you



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Looks like halved and polished Cleoniceras from Madascar. Common as dirt.





Fossil hunting is easy -- they don't run away when you shoot at them!

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Thank you, so it's real then

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I agree, polished ammonite from madagascar. I have no knowledge on the different species, so I wont state anything further. They are nearly everywhere on the market, as they are cheap and nice. I love to see the polished side on those, so many beautiful details, minerals, and you get to see the buoyancy and living chambers, which you dont see quite often. Nice gift :dinothumb:

Are good signatures really that important ?

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