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Interesting track slab


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First picture - overall slab. 





Second - obvious track.




Third extremely likely claw marks in mud. (Dr Lucas was excited by the photo and my interpretation.

I have found a lot of these marks but never in proximity to a track.

I always assumed they were probably related to tracks).

The spacing between the track and the claw marks is consistent with body width of the chirothere trackways I have seen.







Fourth, MY BELIEF is a light touch of a foot pad. Shape is appropriate, possibly five lobes.






Fifth is what looks like 2/3 of a tridactyl track. I have found many many of these.




Most have the same lines along the edge that you can see in the sixth picture, left toe, left edge. Most are 2/3 of what would be a three toed track. Rotodactylus tracks I find usually show three, sometimes four and rarely five toes, so missing digits isn’t unusual. Plus, all of the tridactyl shapes are very lightly impressed like this one. Deeper chirothere tracks mixed with the fainter two or three toed shapes.





 IF I am completely correct, could we be seeing lunch?

That’s fantasy but an interesting idea. 


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