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Woodbine shark teeth + more- Johnson County TX

Shaun-DFW Fossils

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With the newborn that just entered my house, my fossil hunting will be semi-permanently reduced and perhaps scarce short term, but I did have an unplanned 2 hours of freedom to go to a local woodbine spot I’ve only visited once. My focus at the moment (when exploring new areas) is seeking out lower Eagle Ford spots along the edge of the woodbine, but this spot was a bit deeper into the woodbine than I’d normally seek out. To my surprise, I found several small slabs that reminded me of Kamp Ranch, full of fish vert material, teeth, and even what I think is part of a crustacean or crab (input welcome on the last part, since it’s more of a side note for me). I’ve removed a few teeth successfully but there is a lot more when I have time. I’m using a combo of a dental pick and a new (used) dremel 290..something to do between diaper changes (not mine, the babies). This is the first time I’ve found more than petrified wood and a few oysters in the woodbine near Grandview, Texas. 









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Good stuff! What's that in the first picture? 

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1 hour ago, Neanderthal Shaman said:

Good stuff! What's that in the first picture? 

Thank you! That’s a good question, I believe it’s some sort of crustacean/crab part but I’m not certain!

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