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Solnhofen or Holzmaden???


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Hi All,

So I am lucky enough to have a day in Germany at the end of this next week. I will be in Zurich but am going to take a day to visit either Solnhofen or Holzmaden to collect fossils. For those who have been to those places, do you have any suggestions on which to choose? I plan to go to the commercial quarries open there associated with the museums. I wish I had time to visit both but that is not an option. Any suggestions? I would love to find some Jurassic marine fossils at one of these spots. Thanks for the help!

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My own experience has shown that finding good fossils in Solnhofen other than the typical Saccocoma crinoids usually takes at least a good few days of digging and even then there's no guarantee. Unless of course you get lucky on the first day. Therefore I would recommend visiting one of the commercial pits in Holzmaden, where you'll be pretty well guaranteed to at least find some nice ammonites, belemnites and maybe even a marine reptile tooth. Good luck!

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Greetings from the Lake of Constance. Roger


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I was able to organise a visit to Holzmaden a few years back ,and I recommend it !Plus the Museum seems very nice, but fate would not allow us to pay a visit 

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