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Peace River 05/26/2024


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Out Hunting again today to a place I have not been recently. April is Alligator mating season, so we tend to take extra precaution. The day started slow ,  digging in low grade gravel (6-10 small shark teeth per sieve) until noon. Found location with bigger small teeth.  Right about noon, found a Horse tooth and then about half hour apart a Dugong Vertebra and a Mammoth Carpal.... 



The carpal badly broken on one side but has enough detail to be identified.


I know @Brandy Cole has a link to 3d animated video on Mammoth bones but little time to figure it out tonight.

Also found some silicified Bryzoan, and coralites attached to (I think ) broken sand dollar.


Finds came come slow or fast but no controlling the pace.



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The White Queen  ".... in her youth she could believe "six impossible things before breakfast"

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 Hi Jack,   The first photo is a left lower p2 of Equus.  The second photo looks like a lumbar vertebra, probably from a land mammal.  The other photos ???

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