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ID assistance: Fairlight, Sussex, UK


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I recently posted about our trip to Pett Level Beach near Fairlight, Sussex, UK and would appreciate some assistance with a few pieces. This was my first time visiting the site, so apologies if some of these are glaringly obvious to frequent visitors. The items are on 1cm grid paper and the ruler shows mm. 


Lower Cretaceous, Wadhurst Clay Formation


1. I believe these are trace fossils; the light grey a worm burrow and the orange/brown smaller worm burrows? The cylindrical item might be man-made because it's so smooth? 



2. Due to the shape, color compared to examples I've seen from the area, and texture (possibly porous), this might be a bone?



3. This was in a chunk of Cliff End Bone Bed - no idea what it's from as I haven't seen any examples similar. EDIT: Thank you @Notidanodon for suggesting fish palate in my trip report post. It looked fishy (haha) to me, but wasn't sure. 



4. Big question marks - the light grey rock looks to have a bivalve inside, but the rock is not the same kind as the examples with Neomiodon. The other brown piece with the grooves is likely just a rock, but because of the interesting repetition of shapes I thought it worth a check (There is a groove at the top, then a mound, then a groove, all running horizontally, if it's hard to tell from the picture). 



Thank you for reading!


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1 - looks like a worn section of gutter cast surrounded by bivalve impressions (bivalves are often associated with gutter casts).


2 - looks like mineralised iron percolated through sandstone. It has been suggested that this feature may be an algal fossil.


3 - Difficult to tell. Perhaps a flint anomaly that has washed Eastward from the Eastbourne area. I don't see anything in the end section to suggest bone.


4 - This is the interesting one. It may be part of a mudstone and ironised nodule but, the first image has some features which may be bone vessel or cellular. You need to have a good look at that under a lens.


5 - Looks like a section of Sheenstia fish palate with articulated teeth.


6 -  Flint pebble.


7 -  Fragment of fossilised/carbonised wood.


Hope that helps.

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As an afterthought. It might help to look for a copy of this little book as it's an excellent jump off point to the geology of the area and the fossils you may find.


It's usually available at the Hastings Country Park Visitor Centre, the Shipwreck Heritage Centre (Rock-a-nore Road) and the Hastings Museum (Bohemia Road). It should cost around £8.


It's nothing to do with me personally although, I do know Ken Brooks as he runs the local geological society and often gives lectures and presentations locally. 



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Amazing - thank you for your comprehensive replies! I will have a search on Abe Books to see if I can get a secondhand copy, otherwise good to know some originals sellers and expected price. 

Great pattern to note for 1 - will know in advance to look out for casts along with the bivalve impressions.
Very cool either way for 2 - it looked like it could be easily be geological or a trace fossil, and it seems like that impression holds up.

I didn't have high hopes for 3, so no loss there.
I will have a closer look at 4 with my usb microscope when I have a day with better lighting and post an update which can hopefully point one way or the other with better detail.
Perfect for 5 - @Notidanodon suggested fish and I'll have a look at examples of that particular species. Was really pleased to spot this; it stood out in the bone bed with its distinctive shape.
6 was very confusing and makes sense it's just geological.
That's great for 7 - thought I was just getting tricked by an interesting shape! I saw a couple others like this with less clear grooves, so will know what I'm looking at next time. 

Thank you again for your time and knowledgeable input - much appreciated and makes me want to head out there again! 

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