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Ammonite Species

Dave J

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I'm currently trying to put some species names to the specimens in my fossil collection.  Could you help me out with species names of these ammonites? Please correct me if I'm wrong but I believe them to all be the same species (possibly with the exception of the upper left which seems to be slightly different?) I've included more pictures of this one. Also could you help me out with a rough age of these ammonites and any other info on them?  I found these in Lyme Regis, U.K and they are preserved in pyrite. Thank you in advance 😊




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They're Promicroceras apart from the first which I think is a Xipheroceras. These may actually be microconch/macroconch sexual dimorphs of the same species, being very similar initially until Xipheroceras develops spines and grows larger (often a lot larger). (They keep the separate names though as it's only ever a hypothesis.)

(Although I know the area pretty well, I'm not very good at ammonites! (Belemnites are a different matter. :) )
Perhaps @Ludwigia or someone might comment?)

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Tarquin      image.png.b7b2dcb2ffdfe5c07423473150a7ac94.png  image.png.4828a96949a85749ee3c434f73975378.png  image.png.6354171cc9e762c1cfd2bf647445c36f.png  image.png.06d7471ec1c14daf7e161f6f50d5d717.png

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