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Dave J

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I found this Crinoid on Charnmouth beach, Devon, U.K. I am currently trying to label my collection and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the full species name is and an age of the fossil? Thank you in advance.



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Very cool.  Next time I'm in the UK I need to spend a couple of extra days doing some fossil exploring

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It's Pentacrinites fossilis, well known from there for forming in quite large, thin slabs. Mostly Upper Sinemurian, so about 190-195 my. (It's the west end of Dorset there, not quite Devon!)

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Tarquin      image.png.b7b2dcb2ffdfe5c07423473150a7ac94.png  image.png.4828a96949a85749ee3c434f73975378.png  image.png.6354171cc9e762c1cfd2bf647445c36f.png  image.png.06d7471ec1c14daf7e161f6f50d5d717.png

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