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Meteorite Or Meteorwrong?


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It's slightly magnetic. I found it near Neosho river in Kansas. Someone on Reddit said that it may be a meteorite but my eyes are untrained.


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Not all meteorites will have the burn. It depends on its age and which part of the metoerite it came from.

Is it heavy? Is it magnetic all over? What is the orangish color on the back? Is The color smooth or rough?

Just by looking at the photo I believe that it is a piece of hematite. It is to hard to tell by photos. I would take it to a local university or find a dealer and just ask.

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If it were a meteorite, to be only weakly magnetic it would have to be a low-metal chondrite. If the black flaking exterior were fusion crust, then the exposed layers below have a very atypical colour and I see no evidence of chondrules. The yellowish band is extremely atypical. If the depressions were regmaglypts (from ablation in the atmosphere), they are also very atypical in shape and distribution (particularly the overlapping nature). There’s no indication of areodynamic sculpting, orientation, shocking or any other characteristic meteoritic features. So… really unlikely that it’s a meteorite.

Give it a streak on the unglazed (back) side of a ceramic tile if you’ve got an odd one left over from any redecorating work.

Hematite will streak red-brown

Limonite and goethite will streak yellow-brown

Magnetite will streak black or gray

Mixtures of the above may give a streak best described as “dirty”.

Although hematite, limonite and goethite are not normally magnetic, they may be weakly so from accessory magnetite. It might also be a high-iron basalt (ie high enough to be weakly magnetic), in which case it may not streak at all.


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It doesn't look to be high iron rich basalt.

I was thinking the hematites that was slightly magnetic due to some magnetite present.

I agree with you painshill and are correct.

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