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Charleston Fossil Spots


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I am coming to charleston, sc in September. What is the name of the bridge that you can look under that I think is near Mt. Pleasant? I am SUPER new to fossil hunting so any tip is totally appreciated! So excited to see this area! I know few folks on the forum who are native to this area will give "help sessions" to try to hunt with you and I am definitely interested in this as well. I read one guy's experience last night and it sounded awesome! Any suggestions on this? Thanks so much!

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Hey Marley,

First off, welcome to the forum!

There's a few bridges that have an accumulation of material at low tide. The one in Mt. Pleasant is more of a pier than a bridge. It was once a bridge that eventually collapsed and is now used as a recreational area. It is located at the end of Pitt St., but the most popular spot is under the Cosgrove Ave bridge from Charleston into West Ashley. Make sure you check your tide charts (plenty of great, free ones online), bring plenty of water, and wear footwear that can handle the oysters, glass and soft mud.

Search the concentrations of phosphate nodules (black, rounded gravel) and bone - that's where the teeth will be.

If I'm in town, I could show you around a few local spots. Let me know when you have an idea of your arrival date.


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