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Finally Got Out


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I have been trying to go collecting with a couple of people from the forum but it hasn't worked out. This was my 13th day in a row working but I got done early so decided on a spur of the moment hunt. I headed over to an outcrop of the Ordovician age Hermitage formation to see if I could find some trilobits since this spot has cephalons and pydigiums.

I only hunted about an hour and a half and didn't find anything special but it was great just to get out. I think I have 3 cephalons and maybe a pydigium along with a bunch of brachs weathered out of the matrix, a piece of a columnaria and one I don't know what it is. I will get some pics and let folks help me out. On the way home i stopped where a bunch of shot rock was piled up and found the most complete in length cephalopod I have ever seen. No way to get it out of the rock but I will go back and get some pics since I didn't have my camera with me.

It really felt good to get out of the house for something besides work.

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